About Arts & Humanities Bainbridge

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge  is a self-sustaining, non-profit organization serving artists, educators and cultural organizations as the nexus of all things artistic on Bainbridge Island, connecting young people to 21st century ways of learning through powerful arts education, and shining a bright light on creative individuals through public events, awards and promotion.

Community Programs

The Arts in Education program increases achievement across scholastic subjects, develops student creativity, and enhances student engagement. The program reaches 2,200 public school students, serves public school teachers and employs local artists.

Poetry Corners provides a platform for local writers to share their work for the enjoyment of the entire community, nourishing and enlivening lives in countless ways.

The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival presents cinema, filmmakers, cinematographers, actors, and screenwriters with a Bainbridge connection, shining a spotlight on professionals and emerging artists alike.

The Island Treasure Awards affirm the work of Bainbridge Islanders who have displayed an ongoing commitment to their chosen fields and demonstrate a unique vision for how the arts and humanities can shape a community. Young rising artists in the performing and visual arts are supported and inspired by the Amy Award for Emerging Artists.

The Public Art Program provides Bainbridge Island with a healthy, vibrant sense of place, contributes to its identity for its own people and for visitors, and encourages collaboration between artists, architects and city planners in a meaningful way.

Bainbridge in Bloom honors and highlights the Bainbridge Island tradition of artistic expression through landscape design.

Cultural Services

Promotion of Bainbridge’s vibrant arts and culture using social media, the Internet and the quarterly Currents magazine, brands the island as a cultural destination, attracts visitors to the island and deepens appreciation city-wide for its cultural offerings.

Each month, Arts & Humanities Bainbridge convenes two groups, the Directors Forum and the Cultural Reps of more than twenty local organizations, to nurture connections, collaboration and active communication among participants.

Year-round advocacy for increased funding at the local, state and federal level, and free to below   cost publicity for cultural organizations, help sustain the creative economy of Bainbridge Island.