Amy Award winner Jherek Bischoff releases acclaimed new album

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“Cistern,” the new album from island-grown composer and musician Jherek Bischoff, draws from a cavernous, echo-soaked water reservoir he explored during an artist residency.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.15.00 AMA series of meditative works residing along the classical-ambient continuum, the record earns positive marks from uber-tastemaking music website Pitchfork. The reviewer positions “Cistern” vis a vis the grand soundscapes of legendary composer Claude Debussy: 

“These sketches encourage the listener to drop down into the cistern of their own mind,” the reviewer writes, “a safe space in the dark where they are comfortably alone. At its best, Cistern is a reflection of that secret place of contemplation.”

Bischoff was the recipient of AHB’s 2012 Amy Award for Emerging Artists. He most recently collaborated on a David Bowie tribute, and “Cistern” is the third record released under his own name.

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