Tracy Lang

Tracy Lang, 2005 Amy Award winner

Artist and printmaker Amy Lang was nominated by Bainbridge Arts and Crafts in 2005.

“Lang’s method of making art is a perfect example of great imagination and great skill – of art and craft.  The printing process she uses makes her both a 21st century printmaker and an artist working in the old classical tradition,” BAC Executive Director Susan Jackson said. 

Lang’s Artist Statement

“Art mediates arguments I have with God. The dull weight of traditional constructs rub against my feral sensibilities. As we spiral toward inevitability I feel the need to shape my journey, to create something larger than myself, a world all my own. Each print is a shedding of skin and a notch on the fence post. When I carve I can reduce the world to simple forms and eliminate confusing contradictions, revealing the invisible by creating an eddy in the current of modernity. Printmaking is a way of collecting time, marking our days with blades and ink.

I am inspired by the German Expressionists, but looking for the fuller world of Gauguin. My woodblock prints carry a spartan lushness, marrying impressionist values to the edgy marks cut into the wood. I use repetitive rhythm and competition between black and white, to fracture the image like glass, then to have them coalesce like a jigsaw puzzle. The prints are classic realism pushed to abstraction due to the extreme size. Feet and their relationship to each other is a large part of my work. They are intimate and private, and to make them giant is sexy.

Nautical charts, mazes, arterials, and antique documents are things that I see in my prints. The skin stretching over bone, the sand dune valleys that run between each toe have become my entry into personality and physical presence. In the artichoke prints the spiking purple and tangle of sticks in the nest give the impression of boundless energy by capturing the moment just before decay.”

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