Creative Professionals: Musicians, vocalists, bands

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Korum Bischoff – drummer, drumming instructor

Dave Bristow – creative electronic music production and digital audio instruction


Darden Burns – pianist, piano teacher, folk guitarist


Julie Marie Duke/The Julie Duke Band

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Hank and Claire – crowd-gathering, crowd-pleasing harmony duo,


Hesperiana String Quartet  – Justine Jeanotte, Katherine Davies, Dorothy Foster, Priscilla Jones


Jazz Canvas – art performance group


John Lester – percussion/drum set, education, and performance

Terry Marsh – professional musician, owner of the Drummersden

Tracie Marsh – voice and bass

Carey Rayburn – trumpet player, private instructor, band leader

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Ranger Sciacca/Ranger and the Re-Arrangers – gypsy jazz


Sarah Silvia – piano


Soul Siren – professional top 40 band


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