‘Something New,’  A  Rotating  Public  Art  Plan

The ‘Something New’ program, proposed by the Public Art Committee, would establish up to four sites around Bainbridge Island for outdoor sculptures. Works would be selected through a juried process, and would be displayed for a year, after which new sculptures would be selected and rotated in. Sculptures would be on loan from the artists for the 12 months they are on display. The plan is modeled after similar “temporary art” programs in communities around the country.

Christine Clark’s Tribute Baskets, located at Waypoint Park, greet island residents and visitors as they come off the ferry from Seattle

Estimated costs for the program are about $13,000 per year, after a $15,000 startup cost to construct plinths, or concrete bases, in the chosen locations. Funding would come from the City’s dedicated Public Art Subfund. Under City ordinance, 2 percent of eligible components of certain public works projects go into the fund for public art projects.

Tell us what you think about ‘Something New!’ Where would you like to see outdoor sculptures exhibited on the island? Give us your input at admin@ahbainbridge.org. Thanks!

Part of the Public Art Program, the Library Ceiling, by Gayle Bard and Steven Maslach, brighten our days at the Bainbridge Public Library.

The Library Ceiling, a piece in the Public Art collection by Gayle Bard and Steven Maslach, brightens days at the Bainbridge Public Library.

Why public art?

Artist Roy Adzak once said, “Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.” That statement holds the answer to why we need public art in our community.

We need public art on the island because cities gain value through public art – cultural, social and economic value. Public art can also be a key factor in distinguishing Bainbridge Island as a unique and culturally active community. And perhaps most of all, public art humanizes the built environment and invigorates public spaces.

The city’s Public Arts Program is administered by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge under contract with the City of Bainbridge Island. The Public Arts Committee (PAC) charge includes inventory and conservation of the current collection, and the design and implementation of new works.

2017 Public Art Committee members include Carl Sussman (chair), Susan Arens, Sandy Fischer, Bill Baran-Mickle, Grace Harris, Steve Rabago, Danis McDermott, and Nick Mann.

If you are interested in volunteering as a committee or jury member, contact carls@windermere.com.

Bainbridge Island’s Public Art Collection

Click here for a list of the Bainbridge Island Public Art Collection.

Artists of our Public Art Collection

Phillip Baldwin  |  Gayle Bard  |  Patrick Crogha  |  Craig Jacobrown  |  Devin Johnson  |  Virginia Keyser  | Carolyn Law  |  Robert Lucas  |  Steven Maslach  |  Mesolini Glass  |  Bruce Myers  |  Erin Shie Palmer  |  Cecil Ross  |  Maggie Smith  |  Michele G. VanSlyke  |  Elizabeth White