BAC brings Amy D’Apice for ‘Kindred Spaces’ performance Sept. 8

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For one night only, join Bainbridge Arts & Crafts welcomes artist, writer, and storyteller Amy D’Apice for Kindred Spaces: The Performance

kindred In recent travels through superficially disparate East-West locales, the artist, writer, and performer Amy D’Apice found herself fascinated by common visual motifs. Decay, change, renewal, loneliness, and connectedness occurred in the geometry of people and landscapes everywhere, particularly in the spaces that are usually overlooked: dark alleys, backsides of buildings, teeming marketplaces, slums, and nature on the loose.

She will appear live at 7 pm Sept. 8 at the BIMA theatre, sponsored by BAC. A monthlong exhibition at the BAC gallery coincides.