Cynthia Harrison and Johnpaul Jones

Congratulations to 2013 Island Treasure Award winners Cynthia Harrison and Johnpaul Jones! They will be honored at a celebration on Feb. 23, 2013, at IslandWood on Bainbridge Island. 


Cindy Harrison may be best known as our beloved head librarian, a post that she held from 1991-2007, but that does not begin to describe the many ways she has nurtured our community. It was Cindy’s unique vision for our library that firmly made it the heart of the community. She pioneered many new programs at the library during her tenure, including a private teen enclave in the library, the establishment of the “Friday Tidies” under the wing of Ann Lovejoy, the Library Speaker Series, and the creation of Field’s End. In 2006, Cindy was recognized with the New York Times Librarian Award, clearly putting her in a unique position as described in the New York Times:                                                    

The world now knows what
Bainbridge Library
Board, Staff, Patrons
Volunteers, and the
Bainbridge Community
have known for years

Cindy Harrison
is the
Best of the Best

In addition to her work with the library, she has been a member of the Bainbridge Choral, has served on the board of Helpline House, and has worked countless hours to help the BIJAEM project. She still volunteers with the library, helping to organize the Living Library program and heads the archive committee.

Cindy’s special gift has always been to find ways to stimulate thought and discussion. In her eighteen years as head librarian and manager, she has made the Island’s library far more than a repository for books—she has made it relevant to our lives. By expanding its reach through new technologies, special services, art exhibitions and vital programming, she has inspired untold numbers of Islanders to become more engaged with our community and to renew their commitment to both the arts and the humanities. In every respect, Cindy is the definition of and Island Treasure.


Johnpaul Jones is a Bainbridge Island Architect who has specialized in creating public places that help tell a story about the place. He credits his Native American heritage for helping to shape his design philosophy. He His distinguished career has included such projects as the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. His work in advancing public consciousness of the Native American heritage earned him the AIA Seattle Medal in 2006. He also pioneered the movement to created more natural habitats for zoo animals in order to help educate the public about the animal and the natural world. His revolution in zoo design includes the gorilla exhibit and the elephant house at the Woodland Park zoo. 

Johnpaul has lived on Bainbridge Island for over 43 years. He describes the Island as a beautiful place to live where you can hear birds, see animals, and get to know your neighbors. He designed the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Wall, which follows the exodus by the Nisei Islanders. He began the project as he begins all his projects by listening to the stories of those who were part of the story, and used their stories to guide his design. Jones said, “I was trying to capture the emotion of lives that had been flowing along smoothly and were all of a sudden interrupted by exile, a shock that is represented by an abrupt break in the wall.” The wall has added a valuable and meaningful asset to our community and tells an important story about the history of the Island. As one committee member stated, the BIJAEM would simply not have happened without Johnpaul Jones.

Johnpaul’s latest contribution to Bainbridge Island is the design for the Waypoint. The park at the corner of Winslow Way and Highway 305 marks the culmination of the work by Islanders to have a welcoming place to greet visitors as they transition from the ferry to the downtown area.

There is no question that Johnpaul is a true Bainbridge Island Treasure, and one that we are fortunate to share with the rest of the country, if not the world. 



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