2017 Resources for Classroom Teachers

2017 Teaching Artist Roster

The AIE  2017 Teaching Artist Roster will provide you with in-depth information about each of our teaching artists, their areas of study, and sample residency descriptions. This year’s roster includes: Pamela Dharamsey Lee, Karen Harp Reed, Gary Reed/Bainbridge Dance Center, Craig and Zann Jacobrown, Lin Lucas, Sheila Philips, Vicky Edmonds, Jim Whiting, Nancy Rekow, Sue Jane and Stephen Bryant, Bonnie Showers, Susan R. Anderson, Tikka Sears, Kristin Tollefson, Mesolini Glass Studio, Tim Lowell. Download the Roster to find out more!

How To Plan a Successful Residency

Planning and collaboration are the key to implementing a successful artist residency in your classroom.  This step-by-step process will guide you from considering your schools’ needs, to collaborating with a Teaching Artist, and through the assessments steps at the close of the residency.

Residency Planning Form

The Artist Residency Planning Form is designed to help you and the Teaching Artist sit down together to plan the classroom experience

Assessment By Teacher

The Classroom Teacher Assessment Form is an important tool for documenting your observations of each student’s learning during the artist residency.  Focused on your own Target Learning Objectives, this information serves as a formative assessment for your Teaching Artist, as well as a summative evaluation for our program reports.

Assessment By Artist

The Teaching Artist Assessment Form is your opportunity to share, with both the Classroom Teacher and Arts & Humanities Bainbridge, your reflections on the entire process.

Student Reflection Form

Though the Student Reflection Form is not mandatory for the funding support, we highly recommend that each student has a chance to engage in some kind of reflective exercise, thus strengthening the connections and lessons learned.