2016 Island Treasure Recipients Announced


Denise Harris and Cameron Snow, 2016 Island Treasures.— Image Credit: Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review

Two new Bainbridge Island artists have joined the historic roster of Island Treasure Award recipients. Denise Harris and Cameron Snow are the 2016 awardees, having been officially approved by the Arts & Humanities Bainbridge Board last month following the traditional anonymous nomination and juried selection process.

Congratulations to the 2016 Island Treasure Award Winners Denise Harris and Cameron Snow!
Please join us for the Island Treasure Award Celebration on February 20, 2016 at 6:15 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Tickets for the event are
$50 General Admission (through February 14 and $60 thereafter)
$125 Patron Ticket: includes reserved seating for ceremony, reserved covered parking,and program acknowledgement.
For tickets or other questions, please call 206.842.1246.

Read more about the award winners in the Bainbridge Review

About the Award

Congratulations to our 2015 Island Treasures, Diane Bonciolini & Gregg Mesmer, and Art Grice (photo: Ellen Bush)

Congratulations to our 2015 Island Treasures, Diane Bonciolini & Gregg Mesmer, and Art Grice (photo: Joel Sackett)

Conceived in 1999, The Island Treasure Award honors excellence in the arts and/or humanities, and is presented annually to two individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the arts and humanities in our community. Candidates for the award have lived on Bainbridge Island for at least three years and have displayed an ongoing commitment to their chosen field.

The Island Treasure selection process was modeled after the MacArthur Fellows Program. Ten nominators chosen from a pool recommended by the Arts and Humanities Council each identified one or two outstanding candidates. Candidates’ names and descriptions of accomplishments were then submitted to a five member jury comprised of individuals drawn from every aspect of the Bainbridge Island community to ensure representation of a wide range of experience. The names of the two award recipients were then approved by the Arts & Humanities Bainbridge. Complete anonymity of nominators, jurists and recipients was maintained throughout the process.

The Island Treasure Awards provide an unrestricted cash prize and community recognition for the ongoing contributions of the recipients. The design for the Island Treasure award was created by Island artist Kent Van Slyke.

Island Treasure Award winners

2015: Diane Bonciolini & Greg Mesmer and Art Grice

2014: Janie Ekberg and John Willson

2013: Cynthia Harrison and Johnpaul Jones

2012: George Shannon and Michele Van Slyke

2011: Ann Lovejoy and Sally Robison

2010: Kathleen Alcalá and Frank Buxton

2009: Kathleen Thorne and Alan Simcoe

2008: Kristin Tollefson and Alice Mendoza

2007: David Guterson and George and David Lewis (Little and Lewis)

2006: Gayle Bard and Barbara Berger

2005: Jenny Andersen and David C. Korten

2004: Hidde van Duym and Maggie Smith

2003: Janice Shaw and Richard Stine

2002: Frank Y. Kitamoto Kim and Ela Esterberg

2001: Bob McAllister and Norma Edens

2000: Jerry Elfendahl and Joel Sackett