Kathleen Alcalá and Frank Buxton

The 2010 Island Treasure Awards went to Kathleen Alcalá and Frank Buxton.

Kathleen Alcalá

Kathleen Alcalá is a storyteller and a teacher. Her work interweaves politics, spirituality and feminism and is firmly based in the Latin American tradition of fiction and magical realism. Kathleen, who has lived in the Northwest for more than 20 years, primarily writes about the Southwest, and describes herself as “desert haunted.” Her work is a translation between worlds and between cultures. The Seattle Times described Alcalá as a builder of bridges, not merely between Latino and American cultures, but across divides of gender, generation, religion and ethnicity.

In addition to her own writing, Kathleen brings an ongoing commitment to the local cultural and nonprofit scene. She was a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Marge Williams Center, a home to many Island nonprofits, and worked to raise money for the purchase and renovation of the office building. She was also instrumental in the creation of Field’s End, and is currently a member of the Field’s End core team. She has led many writing workshops and seminars for local writers, and her students return year after year to work with her.

Frank Buxton

Many islanders know Frank Buxton as a performer with The Edge Improv group, where he delights the audience with his booming voice and good humor. Frank is also often the man behind the camera aiding and honoring other Islanders. He has spent countless hours interviewing and editing video for past Island Treasures and celebrating the talents of Islanders. His name is associated with community theatre, and as a volunteer and supporter of numerous Island social and cultural organizations.

Frank’s career has included being a Hollywood producer, writer and actor. He has performed on film, stage and radio. He has taught countless actors the art of voice acting, sound effects and how to recreate old-time radio shows, which he has done for numerous local nonprofit organizations, retirement homes and the Island Health and Rehabilitation Center. He is the voice of the 4th of July parade, entertaining the crowds for the last decade. He shares his love for film at film festivals and he introduces audiences to the art of the silent film at special showings at The Historic Lynwood Theatre.

One friend described him by saying, “Frank is not a quiet man, he seems larger than life, but he allows everyone in his company to feel welcome and important. He is a teacher by example and his constant giving of his time and resources, and the sharing of his experiences inspires others to emulate his path and offer good deeds, large and small, to the Bainbridge Island community.”

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