To create an environment on Bainbridge Island in which the arts and humanities flourish.


On Bainbridge Island, the arts and humanities are fully integrated into activities, architecture, commerce, livelihood & education.  Arts & Humanities Bainbridge is the hub that connects them all as our artists prosper and the humanities expand horizons for young and old alike.

  • Art transforms lives.
  • Nurturing the artist within reveals and expands creative potential.
  • Exploration through the humanities creates knowledge, understanding and compassion.
  • Collaborative relationships among the Island’s cultural organizations benefit the entire Bainbridge Island Community.
  • An organization’s openness to listening and learning ensures a relevant, effective response to the needs of the community.
  • The arts and humanities cultivate a high quality of life, provide significant economic impact, and create a vibrant, attractive place to live, work and visit.