About Arts & Humanities Bainbridge

Why We’re Here

Art transforms lives. We believe exploration through the arts and humanities creates knowledge, understanding and compassion in our world. Nurturing our local artists reveals and elevates creative potential. We provide opportunities for artists to prosper, our youth to learn through art, and the community to engage in collaborative events. The arts and humanities enhance our quality of life and create a vibrant, attractive place to live, work and visit.

Our Three Pillars


We connect you to the abundance of creativity in our community, to empower and inspire.


Art transforms lives.

Nurturing the artist within reveals and expands creative potential.

Exploration through the humanities creates knowledge, understanding and compassion.

Collaborative relationships among the Island’s cultural organizations benefit the entire Bainbridge Island Community.

An organization’s openness to listening and learning ensures a relevant, effective response to the

The arts and humanities cultivate a high quality of life, provide significant economic impact, and create a vibrant, attractive place to live, work and visit.



Cultural Services

Promotion of Bainbridge’s vibrant arts and culture using our media platforms to promote the island as a cultural destination, attract visitors, and deepen appreciation for its cultural offerings and heritage.

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge convenes two groups, the Directors Forum and the Cultural Reps of more than twenty local non-profit cultural organizations, to nurture connections, collaboration and active communication.

Year-round advocacy for cultural funding at the local, state and federal level, and publicity for cultural organizations to help sustain the creative economy of Bainbridge Island.