Bentz maintains a studio in Seattle, Washington. His work is inspired by forms and shapes that occur in the natural world, as well as many disciplines of modern design. In creating original contemporary furniture pieces, he thrives on the challenge of absolute precision. He is fascinated by the intersections of contrast, as well as experimenting with positive and negative space, and combining wood and metal in unique, innovative ways. Whether collaborating directly with clients, fulfilling orders for professional designers, or creating pieces for gallery exhibits, he is devoted to delivering the highest quality work in this niche industry. He prides himself on having exceptional attention to detail, a critical element involved in creating high end custom furniture. 
One of the things he loves about his work, is that there is always space to evolve, and learn. He began his education by completing the fine woodworking and cabinetry program at Seattleā€™s Wood Construction Center. He then embarked on the long process of journeyman apprentice, under the guidance of Stewart Wurtz, Northwest master of fine furniture making and design. This process was a 10 year journey in which he acquired a highly developed set of skills, that melds traditional handwork with machine tooling in ways that are both inventive and efficient.

Designing unique furniture is a creative process, and creativity can be mischievous. Many of Bentz’s design ideas are very calculated, however some of his favorite ones have to come to him when he’s not looking for them. When inspiration presents itself, he begins the design process by sketching and simultaneously building in his mind. He then brings a concept to life in a final drawing, and for certain pieces he will create models to ensure consistency. As he’s selecting materials and begin to build, he focuses on balancing design with color, grain pattern, joinery, finish, and structure. The final result is beautiful, handcrafted furniture, designed and built to be enjoyed for generations.

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