Infusing art into public classrooms

Providing access to quality arts education is fundamental to AHB’s mission. We support this goal through our award-winning Arts In Education Program.

Now in its 21st year, the Arts in Education Program is a network of classroom teachers, teaching artists, school administrators, and community partners working together to provide quality arts education and arts integration in classrooms on Bainbridge Island and in Suquamish.

Why is arts education important?

Our mission at AHB is “to connect you to the abundance of creativity, to empower and inspire.”  How do we accomplish this through arts education?  By connecting the professional teaching artist to the public school teacher.  Why? To infuse the arts into the public school curriculum.  For 21 years AHB has fulfilled this mission, thereby serving more than 2,200 students grades K-12.

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Step-by-step Residency Planning

#1 Classroom Teachers consider their students’ needs and select and contact an appropriate Teaching Artist(s)

#2 Classroom Teachers confirm their Teaching Artist selection with the AIE Program Manager

#3 Teachers and artists collaborate to plan and implement a Teaching Artist Residency

#4 Communicate, assess, and reflect

Teaching Roster