2021 Individual Artist Grants Winners!
Congratulations (L to R): Eileen Wold, Melody Maleitzke, Lucy Ostrander, Judith Rayl, Meg W. Hartwell, Patricia Orellana (Jury), David C. Repyak, Mary Lou Sanelli (not pictured), and Heather Griffin (not pictured)! 

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge is continuing its historical Individual Artist Grant program. In years past, AHB (then known as the Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council) supported local artistic professionals through the award of small grants. The Individual Artist Grant likewise supports artists that live or practice on Bainbridge Island and enables them to pursue a practice that contributes to the cultural life of the community.

The purpose of the Individual Artist Grant is to support the creation of new work by eligible artistic professionals.