The Art Project (aka Bainbridge Arts & Crafts) and Arts & Humanities Bainbridge recently announced the winner of the 2019 Amy Award for Emerging Artists: Natalie Godfrey.

“When we saw Natalie’s work, it was an easy decision,” said Steve Tremble, executive director of The Art Project. “The work she is doing, the manner in which she articulates that work, and her commitment are as close as one can be in meeting both the intent and spirit of the award.”

The Amy Award has been given annually since 2001 to an emerging artist from Bainbridge Island under the age of 35, whose work demonstrates “a sense of quality, creativity, exploration, and dedication.”

Managed by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge, the award is funded by an endowment established by David and Caren Anderson in memory of their late daughter, Amy, who was deeply involved in the visual and performing arts.

The Art Project and Bainbridge Performing Arts select recipients in alternating years.

“I am so honored to have been thought of and chosen for this award,” Godfrey said.

“I had no idea that I had been nominated and it was truly a surprise when I received the call,” she added. “It comes at a time where I’m at one of many crossroads, at that junction of where do I find the time and energy to pursue my practice. The generous monetary gift will and has already allowed me to find the space to give me just that — time and energy.

“To me, though, the award is so much more than monetary — it’s an affirmation of my practice, the devotion I give to it, and the objects I put out into the world,” Godfrey said.

This article, written by Luciano Marano, was originally published on Bainbridge Island Review on Monday, June 3, 2019