Placing art in public spaces

Enhancing the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Bainbridge Island and inspiring communal conversation and individual contemplation through art in public spaces is the mission of AHB’s
Public Art Committee (PAC).

Bainbridge Island is home to many thriving cultural institutions and a great many artists.  The Public Art Program is part of the City of Bainbridge Island’s ongoing support and investment in the community, as well as citizen artists. The City’s Comprehensive Plan, and specifically the Cultural Element recognizes that the arts contribute significantly to its identity, its sense of place, and its economy.

To learn more about the public art on Bainbridge Island, visit.

About the Public Art Program

Cities gain cultural, social and economic value when they integrate art into their public spaces. Public art also distinguishes 
Bainbridge Island as a unique and culturally active community. Perhaps most importantly, public art humanizes the built environment and invigorates public spaces.

We believe Bainbridge Island needs public art.

To view a list of the COBI public art permanent collection, click here.

To learn more about the public art on Bainbridge Island, visit.

Public Art Committee

The Public Art Committee (PAC) is a group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing public space through access to public art. The committee members are recruited by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) for their artistic, cultural, or community knowledge.

PAC is responsible for proposing new works and programs to the City Council, assisting with design and implementation of installations, and advising the City on maintenance of the existing collection. AHB provides administrative support including press, community engagement, project management, grant applications and coordination with the City. AHB also consults with PAC to provide advisory services for a fee to private entities for placement of art in public spaces.

2020 Public Art Committee members
Steve Rabago (chair), Susan Arens, Bill Baran-Mickle, Patty Bell, Sylvia Carlton, Grace Harris, Andy Navage, Shawn Parks, Amy Roberts, Debra Ruzinsky, and Denise Stoughton

Interested in volunteering as a committee or jury member?
Contact: Steve Rabago.

Something New: An Ephemeral Art Exhibition

The Something New project debuted in downtown Winslow in 2018. The project brought a collection of sculptures to outdoor sites around Winslow for a yearlong exhibition. New pieces are selected and rotated into these permanent locations annually, bringing “something new” to Bainbridge Island year after year.

Something New 2020

Arts and Humanities Bainbridge (AHB), Public Art Committee (PAC) and the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) invited all local and Washington State artists to submit their artwork for Something New Phase III.  Three sculptures were selected as part of the Something New III rotating art exhibition for 2020.  Each selected artist will receive a $1,000 honorarium with the opportunity to be recognized for a $1,000 People’s Choice Award.

Something New 2019

Something New 2018