Experience our community’s abundance of creativity like never before.

Our community’s rich creative culture is an essential piece of what draws people to Bainbridge Island and why many choose to make this place their home. There’s something special about the way the arts blossom here.

However, we know it can be hard to keep abreast of everything that’s happening in the cultural sector – exhibitions, concerts, classes, plays, lectures, art walks, film screenings, poetry readings, and more. And with such a diversity of galleries, museums, nonprofit organizations, and creative individuals active in our community, sometimes seeing the forest for the trees can be a challenge. But we believe there’s something invaluable about tapping into the island’s creative spirit. We also believe that it should be easier to do. That’s why Arts & Humanities Bainbridge is introducing Currents Online.

Currents Online makes it possible for the first time to experience the full breadth and depth of Bainbridge Island’s creative culture in one easy-to-use resource. Never want to miss an event or performance again? Visit the interactive events calendar and sign up for the weekly Currents Online newsletter. Curious about all the island’s artists, musicians, and performers? Discover your neighbor’s creative genius in the Artist Directory. Ever wondered about the sculptures and murals you’ve seen around town? Explore the island through the Public Art portal. Want to land the lead in the next play or find a bass player for your new band? Get connected to a wealth of opportunities and resources. Currents Online will offer you these tools and much more. Best of all, every part of the platform is free to use.

All the elements of the island’s cultural sector are interwoven. You should be able to experience them that way. You already know and love parts of our creative community. Now with Currents Online, you can get to know the whole thing.

Creative connects us. Experience it.

Get to know this exciting new community resource at bainbridgecurrents.com.